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I hate going to any wireless store and pickup one of the dummy phones they have on display. They might serve one purpose:  size. But when it comes to functionality it fails dramatically. Consumers want to test a device before they buy it. One of the representatives told me one day that there wasn’t a BlackBerry Torch demo phone available (on freakin’ launch day) because most people already know what the device offers when it comes to features and functionality. I highly doubt it. And even if that was true, that’s a fraction of the customers who walk into the store.

Personally, I would never buy a phone based on playing with a dummy phone or just reading about it on the internet. I prefer to actually hold the real thing in my hands and use it for at least 5 minutes to get a real feeling for it. Phone manufacturers, in my opinion, are loosing profit for not sending working demo units for their feature phones on all wireless carriers.

Wireless carriers just want consumers to sign a contract as soon as possible to get a hard choking grip on them, then they have 30 minutes / 15 days to try out the phone they selected. The customer can’t cancel their contract if they chose to return the phone, they will be faced with at least $250+ penalty. That’s the work of the mafia.

If I am buying a certain smartphone and signing a 2+ years contract for a data plan, I want to try it at the store BEFORE I sign any documents.

I called up Fido today to ask about their limited time data plan promotion. The data plan option costs $30 for 6GB of data. Personally, I thought that’s as good as it gets when it comes out from either Fido or Rogers. So after talking to a Fido representative, it turns out that this offer is only available on selected fido handsets and requires a whopping 3 year monthly plan. So they expect me to use one specific handset for 3 years. Well, that’s when I was about to hang up. 

The funny thing, is when I told him that I just wanted a data plan option for my Nokia E61 phone so that I can browse the web, check email, chat, and use google maps without worrying about how much it will cost me. He then suggested a $30 data option that I can add to my existing plan which will give me 300MB. So I called to ask about a 6GB data plan and it turned out that I didn’t meet the requirements, and then he suggested the next best thing which was, sadly, 300MB for exactly the same price.

I don’t know what to say folks. It seems that the cellphone products are way ahead in technology that the wireless carrier it’s running on. You can get GPS, desktop like browsing, great multimedia features, bigger storage capacity, big bright clear screens, and built in QWERTY keyboards on a single cellular device and it will still not cost you a fortune. But try to get a decent monthly data plan to make use of all those great features and you’ll find yourself spending and arm and a leg on a monthly or yearly basis.

Our wireless carriers are still way behind and will take years for them to catch up. But then again why would they care. It’s not like they’re not making millions in profit by ripping off customers, including yours truly.

Are you getting the iPhone 3G from Rogers?

Someone posted this comic on Canadaka.net and I thought it’s certainly worth sharing and spreading around the web. It clearly and truly shows what Rogers Wireless’s intentions are with launching the iPhone 3G in Canada and how upset the Canadians are with the posted iPhone 3G voice and data plans.

I just hope the average Canadian consumer is wise enough to know that
he or she is making a difference and helping change Canada’s
telecommunication industry by not falling into the traps of Darth
Vader..oops..I mean Rogers by signing a 3 year contract and buying an
iPhone. And I also hope spreading the word all around the web and by word of mouth will help reduce and minimize the number of Canadian iPhone 3G customers because that will certainly cause a big impact on Rogers and hopefully make them change their prices.

While the world is getting cheaper voice and data plans, Canada’s only GSM network, Rogers, is still offering ridiculous and expensive wireless data plans. And even though the iPhone 3G is coming to Rogers on July 11 as well, Rogers still wont be offering an unlimited data plan (which means Fido wont as well).

Canadians know that they are being ripped off by the major wireless carrier for years (including yours truely) yet nothing is being done to put an end to it.

When will we ever see significant changes in data plan prices? And what needs to be done to see it happening?

Visit www.ruinediphone.com and sign a petition to say NO to Rogers ridiculous data plans.

RuinediPhone.com is down as I type this update. It has moved to http://inflexion.iisnet-networks.com/~iphone/index.php.
Please click the link and sign the petition.

Looks like RuinediPhone.com is back online again. Please visit the site and make your voice heard if you haven’t signed the petition yet.



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