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It seems to me that HTC concentrates more on manufacturing as many products as possible over spending extra time on product quality. Many of their new smartphones (starting with the Nexus One) suffer from hardware issues. Whether it’s screen responsiveness or soft button feedback.

I also noticed that HTC doesn’t spend extra time in testing their smartphones in real world situations especially when it comes to the design of the smartphone itself. Many of them have a protruding camera enclosure that causes the phone to not sit flush on a flat surface. The speakers are usually located on the top back of the device which means it can be easily covered with your hands when holding the phone. Plus, many people prefer to flip the phone over on the table (screen facing bottom) to protect the screen and for privacy reasons yet the phone’s front isn’t flush with any flat surface which causes certain areas of the phone to get scratched quickly.

It just feels that HTC just wants to focus on quantity rather on hardware quality.

This is wonderful news for all those HTC Diamond fans who were disappointed for the phone’s lack of a QWERTY keyboard. Well, that’s where the HTC Touch Pro comes in to fill that gap. The HTC Touch Pro looks exactly like the HTC Diamond and shares the same TouchFLO 3D interface and sleek design. But there are several differences under the hood. 

The HTC Touch Pro comes with a slide out QWERTY keyboard, a faster processor, and (the part I love the most) a larger battery. The screen size and memory remain the same on both devices.

I still hate the fact that the HTC Diamond comes with a 950 mAh battery. I think the HTC Touch Pro gives consumers a lot more bang for their buck just for the fact that it has a longer battery life and the advantage of a slide out QWERTY keyboard. And besides, the Touch Pro’s design and software all comes from the Diamond so people would have the best of both worlds.

If I had to make a choice between either the HTC Diamond or the HTC Touch Pro, I would certainly choose the Touch Pro in a blink of an eye and without any hesitation.


htc-touch-diamond-front According to IntoMobile.com, the HTC Touch Diamond is now available in select online stores waiting for the fans to order. I still think it’s a pretty slick phone with a lot of high end features but I am not convinced that it’s worth at least $780. I mean, it doesn’t have a large screen (2.8″) and a very small battery capacity (900 mAh) that is suppose to power up all the built in features. You’ll be lucky to get two full days out of it. Nevertheless, it’s certainly a phone worth looking into and now you can get your hands on it.

Here is what IntoMobile.com says:

If you have the $780 to $900 admission fee handy, you too can play to your heart’s content in the land of Diamond that HTC built. The HTC Touch Diamond is a bit pricey, but for a high-end smartphone packed with features like a VGA touchscreen display, HSPA (both HSDPA and HSUPA), Opera browser, 3 megapixel camera, and eye-catching UI – powered by Windows Mobile 6.1, the price-point isn’t all that unheard-of.

Grab your own HTC Touch Diamond at one of the following online retailers:



  This is one of the most interesting UI for Windows Mobile that I came across lately. I found this YouTube video that goes over the entire new UI for the recently announced HTC Diamond.

Personally, I love the UI and the new device as well. It looks like I will be adding a new item to my wishlist this year.

I would recommend not paying a lot of attention to the guy demonstraiting the new UI. As a matter of fact, you might as well mute your speakers for the entire video as this guy does a horrible job presenting. HTC could’ve at least hired someone who is able to get closer to the croud and build a more exciting environment around this beautiful device.

Anyways, enjoy the video.


The ebay advertisement for my HTC will go online starting Sunday 27th 2008.

To be honest, I am greatly disappointed with the experience I had generally with the HTC Advantage. Previously, I thought highly of the Windows Mobile operating system and I was anxious to get my hands on any device that runs the OS. Now that I had hands on experience with the OS, I can honestly tell you that I am planning not to touch any other Windows Mobile device until Microsoft totally revamps it.

The OS is slow (despite the fact that my HTC has a 629 Mhz processor), choppy, not user friendly, dull, the menu options and locations is not consistent in all its modules, the built in on-screen keyboard is not finger friendly, and the list keeps going on and on. I mean the OS has been around for ages now yet no attention was given to the interface.

As I said before in a previous post, I have a feeling that Microsoft is working on the successor of Windows Mobile 6. But even if that was true the release date could be years from now. Not sooner than 2009.

As for the time being, I will stick to my beloved Nokia E61.


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