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I am really happy to see the Zune HD slowly gaining momentum and attracting people’s attention. I also heard that some stores even sold out in the States. The thing that I don’t like is watching YouTube videos of some douchebag comparing the 1st generation Zune HD with a 4th generation iPod Touch and criticizing throughout the entire video on how the Zune HD comes short.

Those reviewers should try and remember what the iPod Touch was like when it first came out. There wasn’t a lot of apps available in the iTunes App Store yet and the software was buggy, slow and used to crash a lot. Looking at the Zune HD now in its initial release, I can honestly say that it had a better launch than the iPod Touch when it comes to OS stability.

It’s certainly a bit early in the game to start comparing both devices due to the fact that Zune’s Marketplace just launched, still isn’t open for developers and, more importantly, lacks content. People need to give the Zune HD some time to fill its Marketplace as well as for Microsoft to start selling it internationally before they give negative reviews and fill the blogosphere with their Zune criticism.

Sometimes I really wish I was living in the States. I was trying to pre-order a new HD webcam on Amazon.com, Microsoft LifeCam Cinema, and towards the end of the process I was informed that it can only be shipped to a U.S address so they canceled my order.

Why on earth would that be a problem? I am paying for that product and they wouldn’t allow it. Why would my location matter? Whether I live in the States or not, I should be able to order anything online and get it shipped to my Canadian address. It’s not like Amazon will ship it overseas on a plane or a ship. I am right next door!

The U.S and Canada already share a unique and friendly trading laws and policies due to the fact that Canada relies heavily on cross border trades with the U.S. So why would one tiny product from an internationally respected company like Amazon refuse to send me a webcam?

As usual, Canadians are put aside once again as if we don’t exist from another U.S based company. Thanks Amazon (as well as Microsoft) for ignoring your friendly neighbors and for stepping on us like dispensable objects.

From time to time I post a video to my YouTube channel and recently I figured out how to upload YouTube HD videos. I have a camcorder that can record in high quality 16:9 aspect ratio but not technically in HD quality. So I was thinking if I should buy a simple point-n-shoot HD video capable digital camera or invest in a HD camcorder (which will probably cost a lot more)? I also thought about investing in a HD webcam, like the Microsoft LifeCam Cinema. They’re pretty popular now, but the disadvantage is that you can’t take them anywhere.

Anyways, this is just one of the things I have been thinking about lately, not to mention my next smartphone purchase of course.

Now that I got my 50" HDTV ready plasma sitting safely on a beautful TV stand, I am starting to think of what is needed to play HD movies. And since the DVD war between HD-DVD and Blu-ray Disk is over, it’s time to invest in a Blu-ray Disk player and put aside that old DVD player I had for ages. But is it a good time to buy one? The prices now are a bit high so waiting for them to drop would be the wise thing to do.
Can’t wait to truly experience HD quality content on my big screen and so far Blu-ray is my only afforable solution.
We bought a new plasma TV a couple of days ago and I decided to wall mount it. It turned out to be a bad decision. Althought the idea behind it is quite solid, yet I just ended up drilling five holes into the thick brick wall in my living room.

So here is what happened. After we picked the TV, we also picked a wall mounting kit that can hold more than 110 pounds with the help of one of the audio & video employee. After we went home and opened both boxes we realized it was one of those wall mounts that has an extending arm which swivels left and right as well as rotate 90 degrees side ways. All that sounded pretty darn awesome until I noticed that it came with only one mounting bracket. Personally, I can barely lift the TV with both hands yet it is suppose to sit safely on an extending arm that is attached to a single bracket. This certainly wont bring me peace of mind when I try to sleep at night.

So I packed the mounting kit and decided to return it tomorrow and exchange it with either a nice TV stand or a double bracket wall mounting kit.


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