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Everything should update through Windows Phone Store

Posted on: August 4, 2013

If you look at what Microsoft is doing with Windows 8, they’re actually (for once) doing something great when it comes to providing built-in app updates. Those updates are all going through the Windows Store, which means there is no need to wait for Microsoft to push a major OS update in order to update those built-in app. So apps like Mail, Calendar, People, Music, Videos all get updated often through Windows Store.

On the other hand, when it comes to Windows Phone 8, this becomes a different story. Apparently, all built-in apps get updated with every major OS update, which happens once in a blue moon. This is another indication that when it comes to the OS architecture, Windows Phone 8 (in its current iteration) isn’t even close to what Microsoft is trying to achieve with their ‘Windows Everywhere’ concept and sharing the same Windows kernel. So in the case of Internet Explorer 11 on Windows Phone, you won’t see it getting updated with fixes or additional HTML 5 support any time soon until there is a OS update. Now, why is this the case? Why can’t those apps (which are in a way separate from the core OS) get updated more often directly through Windows Phone Store? The bigger question is why didn’t anyone at Microsoft suggest that in their meetings?

That being said, I’ve always felt Windows Phone 8’s team didn’t have much collaboration or meetings or talks (if any) with Windows 8’s team. Both OS interfaces (at least on the modern UI side) seem to handle things differently. There is no sense of consistency when you move from Windows Phone to Windows 8. Yes, there is that familiarity feeling but once you’re knee deep you realize they’re oceans apart.

I hope there is more in store that what was released and previewed in Windows 8.1, cause that might be an indication that Windows Phone 8.1 may not meet most people’s high expectation.


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