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Why is it called Windows RT?

Posted on: February 18, 2013

Microsoft decided to completely remove the ARM based Windows OS from the Windows 8 family by calling it ‘Windows RT’, even though it looks completely identical to Windows 8 to the end user. Now why would they ever do something like that?

It looks exactly like Windows 8, it runs the same Windows Store apps like Windows 8, and on top of all that it even comes with Windows Desktop just like Windows 8. I understand that it won’t run other Desktop software besides Office but why confuse the end user with terminology? What happened to ‘Keep It Stupid Simple’?

The average consumer doesn’t give a crap of the underlying technology, and Microsoft expects them to know that ‘Windows RT’ stands for ‘Windows Run Time’ and that it’s sharing kernel code with Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8? Are you kidding me?

Here is what I think: Windows RT should have been called Windows 8 Express (just like how Microsoft uses ‘Express’ for other light weight and free software), and Windows 8 should have been called Windows 8 Premium and keep the Windows 8 Professional offering.

Express, Premium and Professional (and there is always the special Enterprise version). Simple and straight to the point.


2 Responses to "Why is it called Windows RT?"

okay wow that clears up quite a lot of confusion. I did wonder why it was called RT.
I have always wondered and maybe you know something about this. I see tablets are geared towards entertainment or as a workhorse. Yet rarely is it geared towards the artist. Some do have such features, but they are not advertised as such.
Wacom is now coming out with one, but chances are it will be far too expensive. It seems to me like its an opportunity for greater profits, that companies are not jumping towards.
It wouldn’t even have to be super fancy, just some decent pressure sensitivity and we’d be tickle pink to hand out a few hundred bucks. 🙂
That being said, could the Windows tablet (either RT or Pro) potentially be used as a drawing tool?

I’ve certainly seen many YouTube videos of people using Surface Pro as a drawing tablet since it has a great pressure sensitive pen that comes with it. It’s definitely more expensive than surface RT though. But I guess it would be great if Microsoft made those Surface RT tablet work with those pens too, I imagine many artists would buy them.

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