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HP Might Be On To Something

Posted on: February 11, 2011

When HP revealed the Veer, I thought they were out of their minds. I thought they pulled another mistake out of the bull-shit bag. From the looks of it, the device is too small to be a smartphone. But then it hit me. HP might be seriously looking into the future of smartphones.

HP knows how important tablets are and with the release of the TouchPad, HP is positioning itself to be the top leader in the tablet market, or at least that’s the plan. The Veer is basically a way to veer people towards owning a TouchPad, hitting two birds with one stone. Genius.

The Veer is an excellent tool (or smartphone) for those who desire having a tablet that goes along with their phone. A companion. It’s a great idea and something I see happening to most smartphone owners eventually.

Having a smartphone alone these days isn’t enough, you need a companion. A tablet. Laptops are heavier, takes longer to load and requires some surface to place it on. A tablet is the next generation of PC portability that just requires your hands.

In my case, I would prefer the Pre 3 since I see myself relying heavily on both my smartphone and my tablet. And getting both devices to play nice together, like sharing links and files in a breeze, is a special and unique feature. You can even call it innovative.

In my opinion, HP has stepped with both feet into the smartphone and tablet markets with the help of WebOS. They owe it all to Palm.


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