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Google Location Services

Posted on: December 15, 2010

Google has several location and social services that I can’t help but notice the lack of the public’s adoption or active usage.

Take Google Buzz for instance. Google made a big fuss about it when they launched the service and today you hear nothing about it from either the general public or Google too.

Another service is Google Latitude. A great location sharing service that lets you see friends nearby in Google Maps. But who is actively using it? It could be running in your smartphone’s background all day but have you even opened it once to see who’s around?

And of course there is Google Places. A wonderful service that I and million others constantly use to lookup movie theaters, restaurants, gas stations and many more venues. But despite all its glory it has yet to fit in and play a major role as a social service where it certainly and without a doubt will shine.

Google should think of a cool way to bring Buzz, Latitude and Google Places together to work in harmony.


2 Responses to "Google Location Services"

I ran into a glitch with Latitude the other day – For some reason, when on my company’s corporate network, the geolocation in Chrome thinks I am somewhere in France. I’ve since turned off location support in Chrome on my work machine so that I stop hopping across continents. 🙂

I’ve also had a similar issue with geolocation. My NexusOne was once stuck at a certain geolocation and refuses to change. No matter where I go in town it still thinks I am at another specific location. Had to factory reset the phone to fix the issue. I think it had to do with a bad app I installed once.

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