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Windows Mobile 7 powered by NVIDIA Tegra

Posted on: September 19, 2009

Now that we have seen the new Microsoft Zune HD with all the great new features added like the web browser and marketplace, I am left to ponder on what Windows Mobile 7 will look like and on what hardware will it run on. Microsoft did mention that Windows Mobile 7 will run on premium hardware unlike Windows Mobile 6.5 which leads me to suspect that NVIDIA Tegra powered Windows Mobile 7 smartphones (aka Windows Phones) isn’t far fetched or hard to believe.
As for the UI, the Zune HD also demonstrates what Microsoft has been working hard on for a long time to make the device stand out amongst the crowd and grab people’s attention with ease. Windows Mobile 7 will most likely use the same new browser as well as the revamped on-screen virtual keyboard. And seeing how the Zune HD’s UI flows very smoothly, very responsive, which is an indication of how much work Microsoft has put in the UI alone, makes me think that a similar UI might make it to WM7. I mean it does make sense for Microsoft to put all their efforts and resources into creating a single solid mobile platform like the Zune HD and make it flexible to accept additional modules in the future…like a phone module for instance.
In other words, Windows Mobile 7 might be the Zune Phone everyone was talking about and hoped for. It might not hold the Zune logo or be part of the Zune products, but no one said that it couldn’t sync with your Zune account. It’ll be interesting to see what comes out next from Microsoft’s mobile and entertainment departments. I’ll definitely keep my eyes wide open on them.

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