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Compaq Presario at repair shop

Posted on: September 16, 2009

My main laptop has been out of order for quite a long time now. I opened it to clean it from the inside, put it back together, turned it on, I got an error message saying something isn’t connected properly and Windows won’t boot up.

Why are laptops still complicated? The task of opening up a laptop for a periodic cleaning shouldn’t be risky, time consuming or complicated or end up affecting the software (at least in my opinion).

So I sent it for repairs at a local laptop repair shop. It’s probably a disconnected hardware connector that I mistakenly took apart without noticing, even though I was extremely careful.

I hope they don’t charge me a premium for this. I wouldn’t have thought of repairing it if it wasn’t so important to me.


4 Responses to "Compaq Presario at repair shop"

One lesson I learned was to document what you took out of a desktop/laptop and write it down on a piece of paper.

At least it\’s not something breaking. With all the stuffs packed tight and soldered to the mainboard. I guess, it\’s something with the warantee.Everything is packed tight inside and they never thought about letting the owner open up the box to do anything. But I guess, some new notebooks have their air flow concentrated on the heat sink unit alone? At least they should allow cleaning that part easily.Talking about cleaning up, my desktop procesor\’s cooling fan is getting dirty and sounds threatening. Without experience, can\’t reach the lower side to clean it up.

@Seika Well I hope nothing broke in there while I was taking it apart. As I said, I was really carefull, but you never know how sensitive the equipment under the hood are.@Mike Aside from the dozens of screws that I had to hunt down in order to take it apart, nothing was out of the ordinary or required some tricky handling therefore I decided to just go ahead with it without documenting it. But yes, you\’re right, documenting such a sensitive procedure would be beneficial.

The repair shop called me to pick it up. I went there to test it out first and found out the fan isn\’t working. They were able to make it boot to Windows but apparently didn\’t fix any hardware issues. PLUS they misplaced my charger. They wanted to give me an old universal charger instead of the factory charger I had. Great. Now I know a place I won\’t ever go to again.They said they will take it back to look into again and fetch my charger, although I doubt they will find it. They probably gave it away to another customer by mistake. We\’ll see what happens next.

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