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So Many Smartphones!

Posted on: August 22, 2009

I’ve been using my BlackBerry Bold for almost a year now, that’s basically a personal record time without buying a new phone. I guess the Bold is THAT good. I didn’t see a worthy replacement so far. Or is it because there are so many smartphone choices out there that it’s so hard to choose?

HTC released several Windows Mobile and Android phones this year and they are all worthy candidates like the HTC Touch Diamond2, HTC Touch Pro2 and HTC Hero. Also Apple released its speedy iPhone 3GS. And there is also the super-thin and super-fast Toshiba TG01 Windows Mobile device which is first to use the Snapdragon processor. As well as many other phone manufacturers. But so far, none of them has my complete attention yet.
The main reason, I think, is Windows Mobile. I desperately want to see what Microsoft’s next-gen Windows Phones will be like before I give myself the green light and go for another smartphone. I’ve seen videos and screenshots of Windows Mobile 6.5 and I have to say I am still not entirely impressed when comparing it with HTC Sense and iPhone OS. But that’s not the OS that I have high hopes and extremely high expectations for; it’s Windows Mobile 7.
Microsoft did mention that WM7 will run on premium hardware and will co-exist with WM6.5. So I am assuming it won’t be long until we see some footage of this highly anticipated OS. Until then, I’ll be holding on to my BlackBerry Bold a little longer.

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