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A Nice Picnic at St. Thomas

Posted on: July 12, 2009

Today the family and I left London with 4 other families and we went to St. Thomas to have a picnic at Pinafore Park. I never seen or heard of that park until today. It’s certainly larger than Springbank Park in London and it looks a lot better too. Nice scenery all around and it was packed with people too. It’s definitely worth a visit.

Apparently everyone was hungry as soon as we arrived so we layed down the food on 4 benches and started eating. Too bad the pizza got cold but nothing was left over anyways. I played soccer, badminton and volleyball with all the kids and my brothers. Last time I played any kind of sports was last summer. But I surprised myself when I kept on playing without getting tired. I guess the years I spent going to the gym back when I was a teenager really pays off. I definitely hate to be out of shape. Although I am a tad bit over weight but nothing too obvious so far. Hopefully I’ll lose those extra pounds before the winter kicks in.

We just arrived home an hour ago before the sun set. The sun sets really late nowadays at around 10pm. I hate how the malls and most shops close at 9pm in the summer while the sun is still up in the sky! So in general I could say I had a great day. A bit of exercise, socializing and a whole lot of delicious food.


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