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So I went shopping for a new computer for a friend of mine. He was mainly looking for a gaming computer with oodles of storage. Of course I already picked the computer, video card and power supply from Best Buy’s website before we left, just to be prepared. I mean I really hate those people who just jump into their cars and go shopping for a computer before making any kind of research on what exactly they want.

Anyways, it turns out the computer I picked was of that slim kind that you can’t install a video card in. I have no idea why they didn’t mention that on Best Buy’s website, but, nevertheless, that’s not what pissed me off. So we looked around at whatever came as close as what we were looking for and we found one. But I had one question about it. There was an nVidia sticker on the PC which made me wonder if it had a separate video card installed or an integrated piece of crap that normally comes with, let’s see, ALL new PCs.

So I called one of the Best Buy employees over to help answer this one question of mine and he said, and I quote, “Yes. It has a separate video card.” I looked at the back of the PC and I didn’t see DVI ports coming from a video card but from the motherboard instead. So I asked him again, “Are you sure?”. And he replied confidently and with a smile, “Yes”.

I didn’t believe it. I mean the computer on display DIDN’T have a card! So I grabbed another employee and I asked him the same question and he too said “Yes”. So we bought the computer, went home, opened it up and there it was, the cleverly invisible video card sitting absolutely no where in the case.

Two Best Buy employees were WRONG! Not one, but two. That’s not just shameful, but embarrassing as well. Just because a computer has either an ATI or nVidia sticker on it doesn’t mean it has a separate video card installed. You don’t even need to Bing it or Google it, a simple look at the back of the PC would let you know and they didn’t even bother to look.


Today the family and I left London with 4 other families and we went to St. Thomas to have a picnic at Pinafore Park. I never seen or heard of that park until today. It’s certainly larger than Springbank Park in London and it looks a lot better too. Nice scenery all around and it was packed with people too. It’s definitely worth a visit.

Apparently everyone was hungry as soon as we arrived so we layed down the food on 4 benches and started eating. Too bad the pizza got cold but nothing was left over anyways. I played soccer, badminton and volleyball with all the kids and my brothers. Last time I played any kind of sports was last summer. But I surprised myself when I kept on playing without getting tired. I guess the years I spent going to the gym back when I was a teenager really pays off. I definitely hate to be out of shape. Although I am a tad bit over weight but nothing too obvious so far. Hopefully I’ll lose those extra pounds before the winter kicks in.

We just arrived home an hour ago before the sun set. The sun sets really late nowadays at around 10pm. I hate how the malls and most shops close at 9pm in the summer while the sun is still up in the sky! So in general I could say I had a great day. A bit of exercise, socializing and a whole lot of delicious food.

Or is it MOST things in life don’t come easy? Yeah, I think it’s the latter. But you gotta work to get where you want in the end. Nothing wrong about that. But don’t you just wonder sometimes how life would be without giving a lot of effort in accomplishing your goals? Sometimes those goals aren’t too big or far out of reach but they do simply require a lot of patience and perseverance to get to them.
Well, I guess if everything was easily accomplished then there won’t be a story worth telling to your kids. It makes me wonder what will my life be in like, let’s say, 15 years?
This was just a tiny bit of food for thought, at least for my mind.


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