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It’s wonderful to see RIM joining the smartphone application market and it’s also a huge advantage for the consumer. But even though this is RIM’s first attempt I have to admit that it a long way from perfect.

One thing that bothers me the most is application updates. It seems that any application purchased or downloaded through App World feels a bit disconnected from the application’s author company / developer. So when the parent company provides an update we (as end users) don’t get notified by that. Currently, we have to keep opening BlackBerry App World, browse to the app we downloaded and check to see if there is an update available. It’s time consuming, inefficient and it’s completely unnecessary.

This is what SHOULD happen: the BlackBerry App World icon displays a red notification indicating an update is available to one of the apps I downloaded. Opening App World would direct the user to the ‘Updates’ page which lists all available updates. Is that hard to implement for RIM? I doubt it. I am surprised they didn’t think about it from the beginning.



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