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Palm Pre coming to Rogers, Bell or Telus?

Posted on: May 4, 2009

It’s the iPhone days all over again where the main questions pop up: when will Canada get the Palm Pre and which carrier will most likely get it first? Well, we know for sure that Palm Pre is coming to the U.S first (as usual) and landing on Sprint’s network. Which means that the Pre won’t run on a GSM network but rather on a CDMA network instead. But the Pre could be just like the BlackBerry Storm (at least one certain model) where it’s a dual mode phone which means it can operate on either a GSM or a CDMA network. I am leaning more towards the latter, but won’t get my hopes up. 

So, if the Pre can only run on CDMA networks that leaves Rogers behind and makes Bell and Telus the primary targets even though both carriers are upgrading and moving towards a LTE (4G GSM?) network which should be complete in a couple of years. So is it gonna be Bell or Telus? Or both, like what happened with the release of the BlackBerry Storm?
One thing I know for sure, if the Pre isn’t coming to Rogers this year, then I will certainly be switching to either Bell or Telus. Rogers is now way behind in terms of their handset lineup. They don’t even have a single Windows Mobile 6.1 Pro handset yet!

1 Response to "Palm Pre coming to Rogers, Bell or Telus?"

I guess it\’s old news now, but anyways, the Palm Pre is coming to Bell. Not Telus, not Rogers….but Bell.

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