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Sailing through life without worrying

Posted on: March 16, 2009

How do you get there? How do you get to that point in life? Most importantly how do you get to a point where you don’t worry about your financial situation? You keep hearing about those couples who board their boat and sail the seas for months and years from one continent to the other. And others who gear up and put all their effort in climbing mountains just so that they reach the top. Don’t they have any worries what so ever?

Do they have a mortgage on a house? A car loan? Are they bound to any contracts? How can they just roam through life like there is no tomorrow? Maybe the real question here is: Is that what real freedom is?.

Sometimes I feel that people live and strive and work hard and sweat just to get by and earn a living. Basically it all comes down to money. Is money all what life is about these days? I mean, just look around you. The malls, stores, banks, restaurants, cars, houses, etc. They all have one thing in common: money. Money creates all that and more. And once you have it, you want to make more money out of it or else all that goes away.

Sure you can go away for vacation for a week or so but in the end you’re coming back and you’ll be working again. And for what? To make money.

I guess we must do whatever it takes these days to live like the rest of us. Whether you’re poor or rich, you’ll always be working or doing something to get some money in the end. If that’s the case (from the looks of it) then how do you achieve freedom? How do you get real peace of mind knowing that you’ll be fine no mater what comes at you?

We try to save money to get what we want and we try to save money for our retirement as well. But no one knows if he or she will live long enough to retire and maybe start getting a taste of a ‘worry-free’ life assuming of course that you have a good retirement plan.

All I know for a fact right now is that I am not free. I haven’t tasted freedom yet and I don’t know if I ever will. But the thought of sailing through life without worrying sure does sound more and more like heaven.


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