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Microsoft should do this: Exchange plus Hotmail

Posted on: February 12, 2009

I came across this article while surfing and it shared a similar idea that I had in mind for a while (I really should blog about whatever is on my mind before others do). The idea I had is to have the Exchange service added to Hotmail webmail as a service where users can subscribe to. Wouldn’t it be great for users (without a Windows Mobile smartphone) to have their contacts, calendar and email sync wirelessly to their smartphone? I know Nokia had to go through partnerships with Microsoft to add the Exchange service as well as the Windows Live Hotmail service to most of their high end smartphones. And iPhones has an option to add an Exchange email but no Hotmail option (even though Hotmail is the most widely used free webmail worldwide). And it’s not just an advantage to smartphones in general, but to your desktop too since there is numerous email clients that support Exchange.

Click here to read the article where the author (Pill Wainewright) describes the advantages in details of having Exchange plus Hotmail.

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3 Responses to "Microsoft should do this: Exchange plus Hotmail"

Hi,I had a similar idea, but then dismissed. I thought Microsoft would be more worried about keeping good relationship and not give their Live services a feature that would cannibalize their partners who provides hosted Exchange service (paid service).Had tone it down to asking for Live Mail client to be compatible with ActiveSync used for desktop sync, but seems they need more push to do it.The problem is greater than the product managers perhaps (^ ^;)

@Seika: Yeah, you\’re probably right. But I still think Microsoft can tweak the Hotmail Exchange service a bit so that it doesn\’t affect those money making Microsoft partners.

Maybe. But I\’ve seen close peoples whom lower cost is priority so high they could buy barely adequate notebook to run heavy business application, or use free mail with standard security (and probably crappy customer support) for business need. The lowered productivity is acceptable (just whip the workers harder) than the up-front cost.Even if Hotmail\’s exchange would just sync mail, contact, calendar and task, I think some smaller businesses would see it\’s enough and choose that instead of the supported (but with cost) business mail service.

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