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Will Microsoft not preview WM7 at the Mobile World Congress?

Posted on: February 8, 2009

What about all those rumors we read all over the blogs that mentioned a preview of Windows Mobile 7 at MWC? Is Microsoft delaying WM7’s release again till next year? I don’t even think what they’ve got on release date (whenever that may be) will stand a chance against an updated iPhone 3G or a new Android phone.

The only assumption I can make that might explain why Microsoft is delaying WM7 again is for the fact (I hope) that WM7 is such a massive update and comes with a bunch of services in the ‘cloud’. I don’t think they’re creating a phone as well, but they want to make sure those services come out without big glitches like Apple’s MobileMe service.

Another reason could be hardware issues. Windows Mobile 6 series has been around for a long time which made phone manufacturers like HTC prove that it can always create a solid reliable Windows Mobile device for consumers. A whole new Windows Mobile version means new hardware requirements which might lead to compatibility issues. And from all the news around WM7 that I have read so far it’s always indicating that the new WM version requires a faster processor, more RAM and a better graphics chip. The QA process will probably take longer than WM6.1.

Windows Mobile is holding up pretty good in the market these days because of HTC, Samsung, Asus, SonyEricsson (X1) and other phone manufacturers. If it wasn’t for the manufacturer’s unique UI on top of Windows Mobile’s dull interface their product would have never appealed to any consumer.



2 Responses to "Will Microsoft not preview WM7 at the Mobile World Congress?"

Isn’t it that Microsoft will just release the details for WM 6.5 in WMC ? They hasn’t gave official details about that one yet.Also, it would be totally strange if they announce 6.5 and then announce 7 (that has more “new stuff” feel) in the same show, like they’re killing WM 6.5 on the spot.

@Seika: yeah, that\’s what I heard and read. First I heard MS will preview WM7, then the news changed and rumor has it that MS will preview WM6.5 instead. What\’s the point of 6.5 anyways? Why not put all the effort in WM7 to help release it earlier than putting any time in a partial upgrade (6.5) to an outdated Windows Mobile OS? Sometimes I have no clue how and where do Microsoft get those ideas from :S

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