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If you launch your Windows Live Home page on your mobile device (http://mhome.live.com), the mobile version of the site says that all the ‘What’s New’ updates happened ‘1 min ago’ (between parenthesis). So if you have a contact that commented on a particular Space or updated their Twitter account several hours ago it still says it happened ‘(1 min ago)’.

Even though this doesn’t hurt or has a massive negative effect, yet it’s still considered a bug. Unless it’s only happening on my BlackBerry Bold’s browser. In this case, I need someone else to help me confirm this.

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Last night I decided to give Yahoo! Go a shot and test drive it on my BlackBerry Bold. The software looks pretty solid, smooth and has some advantages and helpful features (which I won’t go over, check it out on your own, google it). But what I did notice is how fast it drained my Bold’s battery.

I am not sure if that’s normal or if there is a memory leak problem or it’s simply just a resource hog piece of software. Yet, I see myself going back to using it again because, well, it’s pretty. I simply love navigating through the ‘carousel’ (main menu on Yahoo! Go) and I couldn’t care less of the software’s features.

I wish the Bold’s home screen had the same carousel idea. I totally see myself getting addicted to just scrolling through the menu items. The transitioning between one item to another is smooth, flawless, pretty and (again) highly addictive! You’ll know what I mean when you try it out yourself.

Anyways, back to my main subject. The application does drain my Bold’s battery fairly quickly. So I don’t recommend using it for a long time, at least on BlackBerrys. I did however use it on my old Nokia E61 and I didn’t have any issues.

We all know it’s happening and one day everyone will be able to pick up a BlackBerry Storm from Rogers but it seems that day is still far away. I haven’t heard any rumors or seen any leaked ad pics of the Storm coming to Rogers. What I know is that the Storm version coming to Rogers will have WiFi and as we all know there isn’t a BlackBerry Storm model released with WiFi from RIM so far. So I guess I have to wait a bit longer than I thought to pick one up.

That being said, my next phone upgrade is still in October so I have plenty of time to either wait for the Storm or just get into the new era of ‘Windows phones’, which ever comes first.

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According to CNET, “Mozilla has thrown its support behind the Electronic Frontier Foundation’s push to have the U.S. Copyright Office allow iPhone jailbreaking.” I have previously owned an iPhone for quite a while and had to give it up mainly because it just doesn’t fit my lifestyle as well as for the fact that it’s just, simply put, beautiful yet dumb. But I can totally understand when a company goes the extra mile to protect its product from third-party software or generally from sources other than its own. Why? Because Apple is all about looks and quality (notice how functionality isn’t mentioned).

The iPhone’s success comes from its impressive interface and user friendly navigation and Apple doesn’t want anything interfering with it. And I say it deserves the right to do so. Don’t get me wrong, I am not an Apple fan or any of its products (fyi I hate iPods with all my heart, another reason why I gave up my iPhone), but when a company has a successful product such as the iPhone they should go to any extent to protect it from other sources. Nothing is wrong in making sure that all applications that run on Apple iPhones should go through Apple first to ensure its integrity (no matter how useless and pathetic the apps are).

Apple just doesn’t want to follow the same route that most mobile operating systems follow: Install at your own risk. And I think there is nothing wrong with that…as well as (in Apple’s case) making ginormous profit off the app developers.


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Great news for cell phone owners around the world! “The group [GSM Association] agreed that by the 1st January 2012, the majority of all new mobile phone models available will support a universal charging connector and the majority of chargers shipped will meet the high efficiency targets set out by the OMTP (Open Mobile Terminal Platform), the industry body who developed the technical requirements behind UCS (universal charging solution).” And apparently the Micro-USB charging port was picked, which is great since my BlackBerry Bold already uses it.

Well it’s about time! I am sick of buying new chargers every time I change my cell phone. And whenever I am traveling with the family we have to keep dragging along with us at least 3 different kinds of chargers for 3 different cell phone brands. My mother has a Nokia phone, my brothers have SonyEricsson phones and I have a BlackBerry. Neither one of them share the same charger.

This is wonderful news, although we have to wait 3 years for it to happen, and hopefully other popular electronics follow the same path.


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I came across this article while surfing and it shared a similar idea that I had in mind for a while (I really should blog about whatever is on my mind before others do). The idea I had is to have the Exchange service added to Hotmail webmail as a service where users can subscribe to. Wouldn’t it be great for users (without a Windows Mobile smartphone) to have their contacts, calendar and email sync wirelessly to their smartphone? I know Nokia had to go through partnerships with Microsoft to add the Exchange service as well as the Windows Live Hotmail service to most of their high end smartphones. And iPhones has an option to add an Exchange email but no Hotmail option (even though Hotmail is the most widely used free webmail worldwide). And it’s not just an advantage to smartphones in general, but to your desktop too since there is numerous email clients that support Exchange.

Click here to read the article where the author (Pill Wainewright) describes the advantages in details of having Exchange plus Hotmail.

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Two nights ago, I came across Windows 7 beta download site so I downloaded the 64-bit version. What I didn’t know that night was the fact that Microsoft was closing the download site the next day. So I was fortunate enough to grab a copy of Windows 7 beta to start testing it out and sending in my feedback.

I just love testing beta programs and especially when it comes to Windows. I was there during Windows Vista’s beta testing and I can’t describe how exciting the experience was at the time. It’s always fun to experience software first hand and help make it better for millions (probably billions) of people worldwide.

Well, so far Windows 7 beta detected pretty much everything on my aging laptop (Compaq Presario V2000) except the sound device. Usually I would run into video adapter issues when testing a new Windows version but to my surprise this time it was the sound card (first time ever). I was even further more surprised when my laptop was able to run Aero under Windows 7 when it failed miserably to run it under Vista. I guess I should never under estimate the power of my laptop’s hardware but then again it could be an indication of an improved Windows. But seriously speaking, I need a better and faster laptop.

There is a whole bunch of new features and neat tricks built into Windows 7 that makes this version fun to work with. Click here to read more about Windows 7 and to see a list of ‘What’s new’.

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