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Thoughts on BlackBerry Home Screens

Posted on: December 14, 2008

Wouldn’t it be great if BlackBerry devices came with a ‘Today’ home screen that displayed the users appointments, tasks, notes, and latest messages? Of course you might say that I can download those customized home screens from other third party companies as themes and install them on my BlackBerry. But my main question here is why didn’t BlackBerry include this type of home screen with all their devices since most of their users are business men and women who would find it extremely helpful?

I switched to a BlackBerry Bold from a Nokia E61 and that type of home screen was built into the E61’s OS and it was ON by default. Why? Because the Nokia E-series is built and marketed for the business sector (unlike the N-series). Aren’t BlackBerrys on the same route? If it is, then why didn’t BlackBerry see that useful when it was implemented on previous and successful Nokia E-series models?

To close that thought, I just want to point out to BlackBerry that most of their users would love to see a ‘Today’ type home screen built into their BlackBerry OS on any of their future devices. Make it configurable. Let the user decide if he or she doesn’t need it. But don’t neglect or ignore the fact that it isn’t necessary.


4 Responses to "Thoughts on BlackBerry Home Screens"

I’m not in the business user group, so I’m split between two opinion.I like the Today screen. But most of the time, I also want to enjoy my phone wallpaper, which if the picture is more complex that motif in monotone hue, would render the text unreadable. Besides, the icon will stand in the way.Dumb phones still provides that small enjoyment, but smartphones with screen that shows everything at once, make it difficult.Same with the small lanyard hole that made it difficult to attach more than one accessory to it. 😛

@Seika: I totally understand what you mean, I sometimes switched OFF the Today screen on the Nokia E61 to enjoy the wallpaper I have set, but most of the time I owned the device I had it ON. Which shows that some people need the ability to turn it ON and OFF depending on their lifestyle. But not having it available at all is totally inconvenient as far as I am concerned. I mean, if you look at the pioneers of mobile OS such as Windows Mobile and Symbian, both had a Today screen since day 1.

I actually wanted both at once. But then, in any way I try to imagine it, that sounds impossible by logic and common sense (^_^;)If I’m not mistaken, the newer E-series Symbian smartphones had the feature of multiple active screen, for business need (all the mail and appointment in a glance) and for personal life (quick access to music and pictures in one screen).

Yeah, the newer E-series devices like the E71 look very nice. I can honestly say that it would have been a very tough decision if I had to choose between a BlackBerry Bold and a Nokia E71. But fortunately the Bold was the only option at the time. Rogers Wireless always takes forever to adopt any new smartphones 😦

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