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The Storm is Coming

Posted on: November 21, 2008

I don’t think I will ever say that I regret getting my BlackBerry Bold because it’s such a great device and I enjoy using it. But when I read all about the new BlackBerry Storm and especially its unique touch screen, I start to feel a bit jealous.

Maybe if I waited a couple of more months before getting the Bold then I would be purchasing the Storm instead. But then again if it wasn’t for the Bold I wouldn’t have given any kind of interest in any BlackBerry. The Bold was the key that unlocked that BlackBerry door for me.

I still would love to try out the new BlackBerry Storm, but my next phone upgrade is still very far away and I am sure by that time there will be other more exciting mobile devices out there.

Windows Mobile 6.5 should be officially announced soon which means HTC will be busy manufacturing Windows Mobile devices next year as well as the next generation of Android phones (G2). The year 2008 was certainly dominated by Apple’s iPhone and I think 2009 will most likely be overtaken by the next generation of Microsoft’s Windows Mobile phones. Or at least I hope so.



2 Responses to "The Storm is Coming"

I just got a notice from my company that IT is currently evaluating the Storm with our enterprise applications. They will then perform a rollout based upon when your current contract expires. Pretty cool but it may be a little while before I get my storm in hand. Maybe 6 months to a year from now.
Not sure about Windows Mobile. I think that 6.5 will be more of the same lame. Windows Mobile 7 is supposed to be multitouch, etc and potentially a complete rewrite (what I think Win Mobile needs). Microsoft should break away from compatibility with the old Win Mobile and rethink everything for Win Mob 7.  They are in a unique position to have some catching up to do…

I completely agree that WinMo needs a complete rewrite. No need for WinMo 7 to be backwards compatible or else it will totally limit its UI experience. Even though currently WinMo has a massive software library (scattered all over the net) I am sure Microsoft can still create another \’App Store\’ like environment to push a more robust software library (which actually looks good).

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