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Use Hotmail To Blog on Windows Live Spaces

Posted on: November 2, 2008

So what do I do when I am away from my computer and want to blog? I pull out my BlackBerry Bold, start typing an email and send it to my blog. Moments later, the email is transformed into a blog entry on my Windows Live Spaces. 

It’s simple and straight forward. Set up an email for your blog using the ‘Blog Options’ page on your Spaces account and that will be the primary email you use to send to whenever you need to create a new post on your blog. That’s what I have been doing for a long time now when I am not near a computer and it certainly came in handy many times.

Think of that email as a direct link to your blog and it’s available only to you wherever you are. It’s certainly one of the many convenient options available free of charge right under your fingertips from Windows Live Spaces.


3 Responses to "Use Hotmail To Blog on Windows Live Spaces"

The themes were a neat Idea. As for everything else my email is harder to use  and a lot slower to load!!   I had tried the newer version during testing and got rid of it! I was never asked what I thought! I understand that hotmail is free so that doesn\’t give us room to gripe but I\’ve been a member for years and understand that everything has to be updated but this is ridiculous!! I chose hotmail over yahoo because it was more reliable but now I\’m not so sure! If something is broke don\’t fix it! Now that it is you say your going to leave it?  You should put a short cut or email or something to find out how many people dislike it..

You still have other options if the web based Hotmail isn\’t working out for you just yet. You can download and install Windows Live Mail, or hook up your Hotmail account with Outlook using Microsoft Office Outlook Connector.

Ahmed ,
I just read in a post of your in response to a critique of the new Hotmail interface – NO, I am not being paid by anyone – this new version does NOT work for me and I am very frustrated.
Also, I have been using hotmail for nearly 10yrs, and while I am all for changes for the better, I prefer to change when I want to take the time to learn / play around – not when someone decides for me.

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