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New Look for Windows Live Spaces Soon?

Posted on: November 2, 2008

With all the Windows Live face lifts lately I wonder if there is something in the works for Windows Live Spaces.

Lately, we’ve seen a major update for Windows Live Hotmail as well as Windows Live Calendar. But Spaces seems to have been left behind in the scenes. Is it not worthy or is the Spaces team waiting for the perfect time to surprise us all with a better looking, faster and more user friendly interface? It’s just that I constantly use my Space for blogging and it feels that there hasn’t been much thought spent in that area by the Spaces team. I personally see that as a major disadvantage compared to the other free blogging services out there.

There is a tremendous amount of features and options missing in the Spaces blog module especially on the interface side and I couldn’t resist but wonder if our precious Spaces team are aware of that. Plus the major indication that there is update in the works is for the fact that it doesn’t look similar to the recently updated services like Hotmail.

Whatever update coming from the team sooner or later I am sure it’ll have a lot to do with improving the user experience, or at least I deeply hope so.



5 Responses to "New Look for Windows Live Spaces Soon?"

I would love to see an update to spaces.  Hopefully they have a facebook killer planned.
At a minimum they need to start supporting embedding silverlight videos. I can\’t believe that there hasn\’t been an outcry withing Microsoft about this missing fuction.  They should be able to slipstream that function in without anyone ever knowing.  What gives?
I am not sure why more people don\’t use spaces? Maybe Microsoft can buy facebook and tie it into Live spaces. I know that would be big bucks, but Facebook is super hot right now and MS needs a big social site with a built in crowd, similar to how Google bought youtube.  Is anyone at MS listening?  You already have a stake in Facebook… just buy it outright!

Buying facebook would probably give Microsoft a bad image. I am certain that it\’s just a matter of time until we see a new face with tones of new features to Windows Live Spaces. We could see an update as early as the first quarter of next year. Again, this is all speculation…hoping for an official confirmation or a preview from the Spaces team soon.

I love Spaces. After reading all the very critical comments over the past couple of days on the new Hotmail, I\’ve started blogging about it too. There\’s also a news piece on another subject on my site. It took courage to open my own page up as there are so many warnings now on keeping oneself safe whilst online. However, I was so moved over this news piece I read, then learning about the dust up over Hotmail, I was moved to be a bit braver. So long as the new Live Writer always connects to Speces as seamlessly as it does at the moment, that\’s all I care. I learned how to upload a small vid the other night. At the moment, simple is best:-) Justin, why would we need Facebook when we\’ve got Spaces? Don\’t they both more or less do the same thing? Never used Facebook. Never wanted to. Live "everything" works for me in its own right. Horses for courses, I suppose. Ain\’t nothing wrong with that:-) You takes your choice…etc.

I agree with Jen. We don\’t need Windows Live turning into another Facebook. We don\’t all like Facebook you know! There are lots of parts of Facebook that I find intrusive and I don\’t use on there such as the applications. I just use it to post to family and friends what I am doing right now that is all. And Facebook works in that mode because its home page is kept simple. Most users on Windows Live tend to use it as a blogging site first and foremost, and it is ironic how that most important area for them hasn\’t been given a facelift during all these updates and changes! Why can\’t we have some new themes such as the ones now available on the Home page? More fonts, more settings for sizes of fonts, etc, etc.

Please put date to Live Space update???

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