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Display Your Real Windows Live Messenger Status, Please

Posted on: October 31, 2008

Here is something that has been bothering me for a while. Actually it’s been pissing me off and driving me nuts and please hear me out on this. Whenever I sign into Windows Live Messenger it means that I am on my computer, one hand over the mouse and the other in standby over my keyboard. So, in other word, I am there. I am ONLINE. I am NOT away or busy. Why? Cause I just signed in. How could it possibly be that I am away or doing anything else? 

It absolutely makes no sense to change my status IMMEDIATELY to ‘Away’ when I first sign in or even during the first couple of minutes after I signed in. So why on earth do people on my contact list immediately sign in with an ‘Away’ status? Didn’t they just click on the sign in button just a second ago? It just makes no sense!

This dilemma seems to be quite common with some of my contacts and I have to admit that it pisses me off. They either don’t get it or are just, quite frankly, plain and simply retarded!

I just can’t imagine that those people don’t understand what being ‘Away’ means. I never change my status to ‘Away’ unless, obviously, I am actually away from my computer. And if I was to be away as soon as I sign in, then why sign into Messenger in the first place?

What’s even worse and heck a lot more retarded is the fact that those people sign in, change their status to ‘Away’ and continue chatting. For god’s sake please tell me what’s going through that ill sick and retarded head of yours! Am I just making a big deal out of this or are there more sane people out there with a similar story?

Get your Windows Live Messenger status right guys! For the love of god, have some internet ethics.

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3 Responses to "Display Your Real Windows Live Messenger Status, Please"

Same experience using cell phone is contacts that before appointment, endlessly calls and ask your position. Yet when we call them, the phone is either off, or set to silent and not answered at all.
Other than Away and Busy, I feel the same about Appear Offline. It\’s the culture of shooing peoples softly rather than saying it plain loud "I don\’t want to talk to you right now!"

I might be a hypocrite here but, i do the same exact thing or sign in as appear offline. It surely pisses me off other people do it but i only do it because most of the time i just dont feel like talking to anybody and just want to surf the web in peace.

I can explain the "Appear Offline" status – People just want their MSN online to see if someone they actually want to talk to signs in. Sure it\’s a double edged sword that if everyone does it then no-one is online and the whole purpose is defeated but only a small minority actually do it so it works.As for the "Away" status when you\’re not actually away, that makes as much sense to me as Chinese (no offence, but true). I mean sure if you have to duck away from the PC for a few seconds it\’s fine.And for busy, why is it even there as an option? i mean if you\’re busy you\’re not going to want to talk to anyone so why would you have your msn on in the first place? Maybe it\’s for the breed of people who like to broadcast the most minute details of their sordid everyday lives over the internet…

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