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Windows Live for BlackBerry

Posted on: October 20, 2008

Things has never been easier when it comes to blogging on my Windows Live Space. And using the convenient QWERTY keyboard to blog directly from my BlackBerry Bold is something I am highly proud of.

Whenever I feel like saying something on my Windows Live Space, I quickly pull out my BlackBerry Bold and start typing away. It’s as if I am always taking my Space with me where ever I go. Plus, I am always connected to my Windows Live Hotmail through the seamless and easy setup of Windows Live on my BlackBerry Bold. And that’s not all, I also have the slick and user friendly Windows Live Messenger application for BlackBerry devices. This way I am always thumbs away from reaching my Messenger contacts.

Windows Live is not just designed and developed for Windows, Mac, Windows Mobile and Symbian OS (did I miss any?). It’s also for BlackBerry owners and road warriors.

You might hear people saying that they can’t live without their phones, or their computers, or their cars. Well, Windows Live has become an essential part of my life and many others. Living without it would be a type of punishment. At least in my opinion.

To get a copy of Windows Live Messenger for your BlackBerry, go to http://www.blackberry.com/select/live/


12 Responses to "Windows Live for BlackBerry"

Great post, thanks!  Do you know what the link is to get Windows Live for a Blackberry?

Windows Live Messenger came with my BlackBerry Bold as part of the messaging applications. But the download link for all BlackBerry devices is:www.blackberry.com/livemessenger

Here is another official page from BlackBerry on Windows Live Messenger:

There are some awesome screenshots of Windows Live for Blackberry.

sorry, i forgot to add the address. lol

If only you could do a direct sync to the WINLive Calendar, instead of having to use GCal sync. I\’d love to have all my stuff in one place. (And forget Outlook and Outlook Connector as options; this is a cludgy, at best solution, and prone to duplicate contacts and appointments, tasks, etc.)

@Robert: I know how you feel, I wish there was a better way. I currently use Google Sync to sync my calendar and contacts. But I want to use my Windows Live Calendar and Contacts instead. I guess we\’re out of luck, as far as wireless syncing is concerned.

They advertise this like it\’s an awesome feature, but you can only use the web apps on the blackberry and not actually load contacts or calendar functions… meaning you can IM your wife at home to type in your appointments on your computer, as well as when your new client gives you his number and e-mail… but can\’t actually use anything of the blackberry features with any of the live features…. IE it\’s all worthless. Get Google… you can sync everything together across as many devices as you want and they all update each other. It\’s been three years we\’ve been asking for this and M$ still says no… IE they want you to buy a windows mobile device so they can tag you for a liscencing fee there in the cost of the phone.

@Thomas I know how you feel. I used to rely on my Windows Live Hotmail/Contacts more than you can imagine, but ever since I got my BlackBerry Bold I started to look somewhere else mainly because of synchronization. I now use a Gmail account and save all my BlackBerry contacts on Gmail Contacts using Google Sync. You don\’t even have to run it manually, it syncs it automatically whenever a change is noticed in both your contacts and calendar.I don\’t know how long we have to wait to get a similar synchronization method for Hotmail Contacts. Even when I used to own a Windows Mobile device, you could only sync your contacts but not your appointments. I hope this all changes in WM6.5 and WM7.

I can\’t seem to open private messages on my blackberry bold.When I click on the link it takes me to a blank page with" sign in" as the heading but there is nowhere to sign in. 9an anyone help me??

I got the application windows live messenger installed in my blackberry bold, but everytime I try to sign in, it says that the application is not active in this device.. And I don\’t know how to solve this. Any idea?It would be great if you helpedRegards

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