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New Look for Windows Live Hotmail

Posted on: October 16, 2008

It didn’t surprise me to see a new face to Windows Live Hotmail since I have been reading and hearing news about a total make over for the free service. 

I have to admit that I like the new look. It certainly matches the same look on the Windows Live Calendar beta service the Live team revealed a couple of months ago so I was already familiar with the new color scheme.

There is a lot more to the new interface than just a new look. There is a couple of new features added to the service that makes emailing easier and customizing your inbox a lot more flexible.

That being said, check out the new Windows Live Hotmail yourself today. I am sure you’ll be impressed.

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24 Responses to "New Look for Windows Live Hotmail"

I wish i thought the same. I think its a change for the worse. It seems to be the in thing to do. Change something that already works. Ebay, facebook, hotmail and pizza hut. Whos next ?
Ive got to stick with it though coz i cant find the opt out button.

Usually any interface change to any application (desktop or web) has a negative reaction from the audience. It takes time to fully appreciate and get used to the new look. I\’ve faced numerous similar scenarios as a web developer were the customer freaks out when I make interface changes (even as simple as a font colour change!) but eventually they understand that it makes their life better…one way or another 🙂

The "new look" is pathetic and sad.  Only Microsoft could find a way to make a sucky e-mail client suck even more.  The "cram it down their throats and they will learn to love it" method of doing things shows just how out of touch they are.  I\’ve already switched to Gmail because of the forced migration to "live".  Anyone that can raise their head out of the Microsoft fan club for more than 5 seconds will find that a large number of people are also switching.  You don\’t tell people what they want, you ask them, and then give them what they ask for.  People like Eltawil are a prime example of how not to do business, and why most people think web developers are morons.

How can I opt out of the "New Look"?  I can\’t read the entire email subject line before I open my email.  Everything else I could probably get used to, but I would like to see the entire "subject line"!

This new look is one thing, but have you tried replying to an email? I am unable to type anything! This is not a good start, and this new style won\’t get my sympathy if there\’s no functionality.

Change is not always better…. the viewing pane seems considerably smaller. To reply to a received e-mail requires special effort since the window to type in is so small and you can\’t see what you\’re replying to without constantly scrolling up and down. If there\’s a way to change these settings, I haven\’t figured it out yet. 

@(no name) [all of them]:
You guys are experiencing really odd issues. It\’s even hard for me to imagine those problems. It\’s as if all of you are using a different version of Hotmail.The reading pane is one of the things that was optimized for better visibility and increases the viewing space. So how can you say it\’s \’smaller\’ is something I just can\’t see possible.
Replying to emails is now a lot faster to load and a lot more polished. If you were able to click on the "Reply" button in the first place, then you should be able to see who you\’re replying to.
When it comes to scrolling on the new Hotmail, the only time I need to scroll is to see old emails or if I am writing a long email. Let me point out that I am not actually scrolling the whole page, just the section that exceeds the browser\’s dimensions (which is how it was set up in the beginning, and always been).
It sounds to me that you\’re using a non-compatible browser or maybe just had a first look at a very early version of Hotmail. OR you\’re not even looking at Hotmail 😀

How can a severe problem with the system that doesn/t work be just an odd issue to you? Your response doesn\’t help us use a service that is supposed to facilitate communication. I have an Apple G5. Is this now considered obsolete and incompatible with your New Hotmail?

Hello all,ODD??? So I have the answer – you are OBLIGED to use "windows explorer" rather than Firefox or perhaps any other browser application of your CHOICE – I think windows is insisting or trying to FORCE it\’s email users returning to their browser. Thus my personal response to this is to inform contacts to use an alternative address for me – I will be leaving my hotmail account to the spammers! Good luck with explorer y\’all and Good night

This sucks! Have not been able to send or receive e-mails for days now. And, what is with the yellow banner at the top of an e-mail that you are trying to send? "We\’re doing some maintenance to improve the service. We apologize for getting in your way. Has it been more than an hour?" You should at least have set up a temporary phone number – how can you complain if you can\’t even send an e-mail? Maybe I\’ll have to use my new g-mail address! BTW – IT HAS BEEN MORE THAN AN HOUR!!


Naturally Hotmail or MSN are not listening to anyone.The new look MSN Hotmail SUCKS!! Just horrible colours, and no function to Check Mail as before.Font sizes are just way too big and the layout is just awful.With no option to change it back again, I think I\’ll be switching from hotmail to my own website email service.Way to go MSN – you suck!!


I understand that some of you are experiencing some problems with their Hotmail account. But I am just stating what I am personally experiencing, and so far it\’s been smooth and pleasant.
I think there is no need for a "Check Mail" button. Clicking on "Inbox" automatically checks for new mail. That\’s how it should work, and that\’s how the previous version of Hotmail worked. The "Check Mail" button on the previous Hotmail version behaved in exactly the same way as clicking on the "Inbox" link.
The new Hotmail is compatible with other popular browsers like Firefox and Safari. It\’s not limited to just Internet Explorer. I am using both Firefox and IE8. Both browsers support the new Hotmail and are running without a glitch. I suggest updating your browsers to their latest versions.

I am very happy for all of you that have no problems, but as I read every body\’s e-mail I notice that the 95% hates it.It\’s simple if I can not scroll or delete is not working, it is not like it just happened it\’s been two weeks give or take.We keep complaining and nothing is done or change and it looks like they do not care or more simple they do not givea #%&*. I guess is time to move on, good bye.

Ahmed Eltawil & co – ref Windows Logo: getting new emails is simple: an F5 keyboard hit will do the same thing as the \’Clicking on Inbox\’ note you\’ve given. F5 is a keyboard trick of old for all sorts of things, commonl called the Refresh Hit. My Hotmail is great too. Add me to your list if you like.

@Ahmed re:Bernie:
I have to disagree about the check mail button.  Although it seems obvious to you and me to click on the inbox to refresh, it is not obvious to most other people.  When there is even a small percentage of ambiguity the design decision should be to add a button with a clearly labeled action such as "Check for Mail".  This is a trivial item to add to the UI and as I have stated in my blog doesnt hurt the new hotmail interface because there is a lot of room at the top.  This should be a no brainer for the Hotmail team to decide to put back in… if they read this post anyway 😛

Go back to the old system !!!!!!! The "So-Called New System" STINKS !!!!

I love it !!!  the new interface… the calendar sharing… At the office we have all changed our email addresses to hotmail and it is working great especially when we can view each others shedules and agenda from home, office, cell or anywhere… the folders (even personal folders, calendar and contacts are all there and easy to access… We are making plans for using the SkyDrive with the share features to exchange files we have to update everyday… We are also using Windows Live One Care on all PC\’s now (5 at home, 2 at the office)… working great !!!

Opera doesn\’t work anymore. Camino doesn\’t work on a mac (was my favorite browser, because it\’s so FAST).The boxes are non responsive, nothing happens. Pure and ultimate crap!Microsoft way of thinking: keep denying there are issues they are responsible for, then when everything blows, BLAME THE CUSTOMER!Finally they found a way to keep SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS ON a web app! That used to work for anyone! Way to go, M$!!!Then I have to drop my 8 years old hotmail account. Praise google.

I don\’t know what\’s your current system configuration or what OS you\’re running but the only time I had issues with the new Hotmail was when I was testing it out on Firefox 3.0.3 on my Linux box (running Ubuntu 8.10). And even then, I was still able to read and navigate through all my Hotmail content, but I was just not able to reply or create a new email. When I installed Opera on the same Linux box, the new Hotmail ran perfectly fine in the browser. That being said, the new Hotmail was tested and works fine on Firefox under Windows.

I forgot to add to my previous comment that the new Hotmail also works under Safari so all Mac users should have no issues. Firefox on Linux may have to be updated to run the new Hotmail without problems. As I said, I was using a Firefox browser version 3.0.3 and I couldn\’t reply or write a new email. Firefox may have already provided a quick update that includes a fix for this issue, or on the other hand, Microsoft could be working on fixing this issue as we speak. But as I said, you still have the option of installing Opera on your Linux box to get things rolling again.  There is always alteratives when it comes to accessing your Hotmail, and that\’s just one of the things that makes it special.


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