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Hello BlackBerry Bold

Posted on: October 10, 2008

After using a Nokia E61 for many years, then switching to an iPhone for a long time now, I somewhat felt the need (or could be desire) to try something totally different. And that’s when I went for a visit to the mall and got myself a brand new BlackBerry Bold.

As you may know, the Bold isn’t using Windows Mobile, Symbian or a Mac OS X. It’s using BlackBerry’s own operating system. And that’s what I meant by completely different.

So far I can honestly say that I am impressed by the phone’s form factor, design and the comfortable keyboard which I am using to type out this blog post. The thing that impressed me the most is its home screen. It’s not just beautiful, but it also has all the information you need right of the home screen. And the scroll wheel does an incredible job navigating through the phone’s menu, applications and web browser.

I was surprised by how amazing the sound and video quality was on the BlackBerry Bold. The sound is crystal clear and the video is crisp and vivid. It definitely makes me want to watch some high quality video clips or movies on this phone.

So as you can tell, I am obviously loving the BlackBerry Bold and this is just day one!

I will certainly continue to blog about my experience using the Bold and hopefully I get to experiment soon with new software.


2 Responses to "Hello BlackBerry Bold"

Just curious as to how you and your Bold are doing?I actually went the opposite way – I had a BB curve.  Got bored and got an Iphone (fun to play with but not a good tool for business and a female with finger nails).  I stumbled across the Nokia E71. I love the form factor but it too has some quirks.  Considering going to the Bold – once it\’s finally available in the US.

The experience is certainly different than any smartphone I previously used. Coming from an iPhone, I could say that I miss having a touchscreen but it certainly isn\’t a major necessity, especialy for a BlackBerry device and the sort of tasks I perform.
I found that there was a tiny learning curve for navigating around the menu on the Bold since I never used a BB device before, but nothing complicated. And since you had a BB Curve, you\’ll probably find it easier since the BB Bold is using the new 4.6 software with an exciting new interface.
You will immediately notice the crisp and vivid display which I am certain will force you to use the device a lot more :). If you\’re coming from a Curve (as you\’ve mentioned), then (in my opinion) you will be more than happy using the BlackBerry Bold.

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