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I Guess New Isn’t Always Better

Posted on: July 30, 2008

I am feeling much better now that I am back to my Nokia E61. Yes, I only used the N95 for just a day and I already miss the good old QWERTY keyboard so dearly that I had to switch back. I guess I am the type of mobile user who just can’t live without a keyboard on his mobile device. 

There was numerous things I noticed to be different, and annoying, on the N95. I noticed that you can’t display your messages or email on the active standby screen. On my E61, I can easily set a default mailbox to be displayed under the active standby applications. I could choose either one of my email mailboxes or my SMS inbox. On the other hand, the N95 doesn’t have this feature.

Another thing I noticed was the bahviour of the end call button (the red button). When you press the button while using one of the built in applications that comes with the phone, it doesn’t necessarily mean you shutdown the application. A quick press-and-hold on the menu key will clearly show that the application is still running in the background. The only way to close those applications is through the application’s menu (Options -> Exit).

Another thing that was mind boggling is the device’s screensaver (or powersaver). It will only be displayed in landscape mode. There isn’t a way to change it to portrait. Now why on earth would people have to rotate the device to clearly read the time or any notices on the screensaver? I just thought it was so retarted for a screensaver to behave in this way.

One more thing I hated about the N95 is how cheap the device felt in my hand. The buttons felt somewhat loose and the sliding screen wasn’t as strong as I thought it would be. There is no doubt that the device will easily slide open accidentally just by trying to slip it into your pocket. Plus, Nokia decided to place the headphone jack on the left side of their “multimedia computer” instead of on top making it difficult to get a good grip of the device when using the headphones.

I can certainly go on and on about other things I didn’t like, but the main point here is the fact that the device failed to meet my expectations (considering the price tag) and managed, in a way or another, to make me further appreciate my E61.

So as it turns out, I am more of an E-Series than an N-Series guy.


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