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Where is everything stored on Windows Live?

Posted on: July 20, 2008

I have been thinking about this for a while and something isn’t making sense to me at all. Windows Live seems to have a strange way handling content storage.

If you have a Windows Live Hotmail account, you can purchase the Hotmail Plus service which gives you 10GB of mail and attachment storage. So, all your mail and any documents, images, and files in general are stored under the Windows Live Hotmail umbrella.

When you create a Windows Live Spaces account, you can blog and upload images to your Space. Anything you create or upload is stored under the Windows Live Spaces umbrella.

If you heard of Windows Live SkyDrive, you’d know that you can use this free service to upload and store pretty much anything you want on your SkyDrive. Up to 5GB of documents, images, MP3 files, videos, ZIP files, and any type of file can be stored on your SkyDrive account.

Were you one of the few lucky ones to get an invitation to create your new Windows Live Mesh account? Well this means that’s an additional 5GB of any type of content that you can share and synchronize between PCs, MACs, and Windows Mobile devices. The content is stored under the Windows Live Mesh umbrella.

Each of the services I mentioned above seems to have its own storage which cannot be shared between any of them.

I also have to say that I keep wondering what the purpose of Windows Live SkyDrive is now after Windows Live Mesh came out. You can store whatever file you want on your Mesh just like you would do on SkyDrive. So what’s the difference? Those two services seem to be conflicting a bit with one another when it comes to storage.

The main question here, is why have a different storage size or location for every Windows Live service? A better way to handle the storage for these services should be simple and straight forward.

Here is my solution: Windows Live SkyDrive should be the main storage location for all Windows Live services. Each Windows Live user gets a certain amount of storage on his SkyDrive which can be expanded by purchasing extra storage. A user’s SkyDrive will then dedicate a portion of its storage to every Windows Live service the user subscribes to. So, for your Hotmail account, SkyDrive will dedicate and create a portion of its storage to store your email and attachments. The same applies to Windows Live Spaces where a portion of SkyDrive’s storage will be used to store your posts and uploaded images. Live Mesh should not act as a storage centre, but instead it should just be a service that syncs data between devices that is stored either on a client computer or on the user’s SkyDrive.

It’s all about keeping it simple for the end user.


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