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Rogers Wireless is Darth Vader?

Posted on: July 7, 2008

Are you getting the iPhone 3G from Rogers?

Someone posted this comic on Canadaka.net and I thought it’s certainly worth sharing and spreading around the web. It clearly and truly shows what Rogers Wireless’s intentions are with launching the iPhone 3G in Canada and how upset the Canadians are with the posted iPhone 3G voice and data plans.

I just hope the average Canadian consumer is wise enough to know that
he or she is making a difference and helping change Canada’s
telecommunication industry by not falling into the traps of Darth
Vader..oops..I mean Rogers by signing a 3 year contract and buying an
iPhone. And I also hope spreading the word all around the web and by word of mouth will help reduce and minimize the number of Canadian iPhone 3G customers because that will certainly cause a big impact on Rogers and hopefully make them change their prices.


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