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Windows Mobile: HTC Touch

Posted on: March 21, 2008

I am not trying to write a review of the phone here since it’s been done all over the net (just Google ‘HTC Touch review’ and see for yourself). Instead, I am just pointing out my likes and dislikes of the device.

First of all, I have to admit that I like the device’s form factor. Small and thin enough to fit in your pocket and at the same time the screen is big enough to view and take pictures as well as read the latest news using your preferred RSS reader (I use and recommend Viigo).

The HTC Touch rubberized body gives it a nice feel and gives it a lot more grip. I didn’t find it hard using the device for calling with one hand, although it did get a bit tricky when trying to type a message or a web address with the built in virtual keyboard using only your finger. That’s when the stylus comes handy.

It comes with a loud speaker which can be used as a speakerphone during a call as well as listening to music. The one major disadvantage is the memory. The phone seems to always complain about low program memory. I guess that’s why HTC had to make a second generation HTC Touch with improved application memory capacity.

Nevertheless, the phone is sleek and practical for daily use with a great battery life.

Besides, the phone comes with a nice good quality pouch to protect the screen and the body from any bumps and accidental drops (something the Apple people should have considered including with their precious and ever so popular iPhone).



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