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Saving Money Sucks

Posted on: February 8, 2008

I started saving money a while back (for absolutely no reason) and so far I have saved a good amount. But it really doesn’t help knowing that there is a large sum of money sitting in a bank that you have access to and all that money is yours! The first thing that goes through my head is "what can I buy with all that money now?".

There is always a tonne of stuff that you’re dying to get and can’t afford. For example, I would love to get an iPod Touch or a Microsoft Zune. I would love to go to a warm place for a 2 week vacation at a beach somewhere. I would love to buy a Apple computer because I just never used one before and for the fact that it is pretty. I would love to get a kick ass video card for my Intel Quad Core PC to fully experience Team of Fortress 2. I also want to get a 24" widescreen HD LCD monitor for my computer. Most important of all, I would certainly love to get a big widescreen plasma HD TV and mount it on the wall in the living room.

As you can imagine, the list goes on and on. It’s pretty much endless. And knowing that I have enough money to buy a lot of these items yet I am not allowed to use it is killing me more and more as I keep depositing more money into the pile.

At the end of the day I keep reminding and trying to convince myself that the money is better off used in a certain investment rather than spending it on consumer products. That investment could be an appartment or a house. It also can be stocks and mutual funds. Another option may be opening a small business. And that list as well keeps going on and on.

But you know what I do? I buy something cool from time to time to shut myself up. Like a Wii game or accessory. Most of the time I buy a new cellphone. Sometimes new clothes helps as well. Basically I try to do whatever is possible to stop myself from touching my savings.

So far so good.


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