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X-OOM Media Center for Wii

Posted on: February 4, 2008

What a piece of crap software that was! That’s my opinion on the software in a nutshell. And another thing: Do not attempt or even think of trying it out. But if you insist on crashing your top of the line PC, or getting random errors that terminates the application for attempting to do what the application is inteded for, or even getting the blue screen simply for running the application on Vista or XP, then by all means run to the store and grab yourself a copy.

That software is suppose to deliver a Wii friendly interface on the actual Wii console that enables the user to view all the media files on a certain computer. Sort of like a Windows Media Center experience for the Wii. I loved the idea and the screenshots on the package looked promising so I bought it. Apparently, the makers of this product concentrated entirely on the application interface (which is basically designed in Flash) and gave or spent little time on making the main functions of their product work. So therefore it turns out to be a pretty polished piece of crap that cost me around $40.


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