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Guitar Hero III for the Wii

Posted on: February 2, 2008

When my youngest brother came home one day with a Guitar Hero III game for the Nintendo Wii, I immediately thought it was a rediculous and non-entertaining game. Today, I proved myself wrong.

After weeks of refusing to play the game, I thought to myself that it wont hurt to give it a shot. So I held the wireless guitar controller, selected one of my favourite rock music from the menu, and the game started. I imagined that I would have a tough time getting used to the controller as well as the game in general. But I was surprised of how easy it was to get the hang of it even during playing the first song, which by the way I scored 93% on.

The game wasn’t just entertaining, I had so much fun that I got really into it. I started moving around the room, dancing with the beat, swinging the guitar, and singing along. Of course I didn’t stop playing after only one song, I kept on playing again and again until I started to feel the burn and the pain in my wrist.

Nevertheless, the game definitely kicked ass and I would totally recommend it to all Wii owners. Go and get Guitar Hero II! If you can find one.


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