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Laptop Out of Order

Posted on: February 1, 2008

For the first time in my life I had to send my laptop in for repair. Usually I manage to fix any problem I face, especially when it comes to software. But when it comes to laptop hardware, I try not to give it a shot. Why? Cause I have no clue what lies beneath that keyboard! Everything is different hardware wise when it comes to laptops. Even if I have a lot of experience fixing, assembling and upgrading PC components, that still doesn’t make me able to open up a laptop and have a look under the hood.

So I went back to Staples, almost two years after the purchase, and made use of the service plan I had. It turns out that it would cost almost $500 to fix it. Thank god it ain’t coming out of my pocket. It was deffinitely a hell of a wise decision to buy the extended two year service plan.

So what’s the problem with my laptop? The screen’s backlight decided to never turn on again. So if I wanted to use my laptop I would have to hook it up to an external monitor to see what I am doing on my desktop. Other than that, there aren’t other major issues.

It probably will take Staples at least two weeks to send it to HP, get it repaired, and to get it back. Fortunately I have two other functional PCs at home to play around with in the meantime. But of course nothing can fully replace my personal laptop.

The wait begins today.


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